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We realize you have your choice of bankrupt carrier to buy, thank you for choosing Delta

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Face it, Delta has problems: Ch.11, increased pressure from USAir’s raised acquisition bid, ALPA contracts. Now, Delta has lost Andrew Shipman’s Tumi leather bag.
Fortunately the tumult in the airline industry can be explained by an airline’s propensity to lose one’s 7-Up bottle filled with Absinthe or break one’s snow globe over non-declared Dutch agricultural supplies.
Delta is listed as the second worst baggage handler only to USAir, which is clearly trying to gain a (slight) bump in service through a merger. Northwest Airlines, however, is considered to be one of the best airlines when it comes to losing bags and compensating for lost items, explaining the continual grumblings of a Northwest/Delta merger.
Delta and Northwest also have a special kinship, in that they are virtual bankruptcy twins, even though Northwest filed for Ch.11 after Delta (by minutes, giving Delta the honor of saying it’s “big brother”).
Will Delta succumb to the grimy, unmanicured hands of USAir’s baggage handlers? Delta is nobly sticking by its story that a merger with USAir is anticompetitive, creating monopolistic passenger share and overlapping routes. If this isn’t clear – these squiggly lines tell the story.
Also the merger would create a very embarrassing situation in which the United States would projectile vomit on Europe.