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When True Love Starts With A Blackberry Message

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DealBook manages to read something pretty and hopeful in this story of a JP Morgan Chase analyst who works 120 hours per week. Frankly, we just don't see it.

How does a harried investment banker send love notes? By BlackBerry, of course.
For Charlie Asfour, an investment banking analyst with J.P. Morgan Chase, the tender, digital message was this: “Will you be my steady girl?” The BlackBerry holder on the receiving end, Rebecca McFarland, apparently said yes — because the two are getting married, as The New York Observer reports in its latest installment of The Love Beat.
The column offers a glimmer of hope for junior investment bankers everywhere, who might reasonably wonder how they are supposed to drum up a romantic life given the notoriously long hours they are expected to work.

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