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Wii the Piiple

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Nintendo hasn’t seen an eruption like this since Samus took off her spacesuit at the end of Metroid to reveal she was a chick. Bolstered by strong Wii and DS sales, Nintendo’s profit for the first three quarters of FY2007 grew 43% over last year. Nintendo has sold 3.2 million Wiis and expects to sell a total of 6 million by March. The traditional video game console manufacturer business model (put simply) is to lose money on console sales and make money on game sales. Since Nintendo opted out of the hardware pissing contest Sony and Microsoft are in, its console is significantly cheaper to make than its competitors. Nintendo’s console sales have not suffered the traditional losses incurred by the initial movement of next-generation consoles, and the Company is already at flat or break-even on Wii purchases. Sales of DS titles nearly doubled over the holiday season, spurred by innovative games like Brain Age, Nintendogs, Not Quite so Final Fantasy Bedazzled Chronicles and Super Mario Humpscapade.
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