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You Are Having Less Sex Than Your Grandmother: Blame Your Blackberry

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Video blog star Amanda Congdon is said to be totally addicted to her blackberry. No wonder she is apparently resorting to extreme things like Tasering herself to generate orgasms. According to Forbes, constant connection to the work world is ruining everyone's sex lives.

According to therapists and psychologists, around-the-clock access to the office often results in fatigue, a lack of intimacy, resentment, increased conflict and even premature career burnout. All of which are enough to crater a less-than-solid marriage or relationship. Robert Reich, the former U.S. secretary of labor, popularized the term "DINS couples" (double income, no sex) when he discussed the hazards of work overload in a 2001 speech. While the comment drew laughs, it also brought to light a developing problem: People are working too much to have sex. In 2003, the Kinsey Institute reported that today's women are having much less sex than their 1950s counterparts.

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