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A Good Walk, Especially Spoiled

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There are a lot of bad golfers in the world, many of whom lurk in your office. There are only so many conversations you can hear about how that extra half degree of loft on a 7-wood (a club that no respectable golfer under the age of 60 uses) is going to bring that absolute hacker of a VP’s handicap down in the low 20s.
The toughest course in the U.S. according to the recent list by Golf Digest is the Pete Dye designed Ocean Course in Kiawah Island, SC, with a rating of 79.6 and a slope of “resort to prayer.” Sadly, the course is in SC, which is hardly the least suspicious business travel location, home to zero Fortune 500 companies (By the way, has anyone noticed that South Carolina's flag, sporting a crescent and a palmetto tree, kind of looks like the flag of a country that wants to blow up the Union, let alone secede from it?). Fortunately, you can get the complete South Carolina incorporation package for a low, low price of just $130 plus state fees, so I’m leaving this one up to IB clients.
Golfing on a course this hard will probably provide a near cathartic release of aggression for your superiors, loosening them up a little in the office. At least you know that 7-wood will be thrown in a water hazard (and they'll probably be putting with a wedgie).
If they (your bosses) still suck, maybe they might be humbled (or affirmed…bust mostly humbled) by having to work out naked. If not humbled, they might get injured, as there’s no way anyone’s asking for a 'spot' in that environment.
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