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Addicted to Coke, for Winnings

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The Wall Street Journal “Number’s Guy,” illustrates Coca-Cola’s current cap-based prize system. Surprise of the day: you need a lot of caps to win something. The Number’s Guy apparently never went to an arcade or Chuck E. Cheese when he was a kid. You remember how it works; you play skee ball 20 or 30 times to win a small rubber ball or a rather petrified tiny stuffed animal that could retail for no more than $2 max. The model is ingrained in us as kids, although everyone remembers hopeful glances into that glass case of prizes looking for a near equal-dollar exchange or even arbitrage (only to be driven into despair, remembering the soul-crushing placards of 8,000 tickets to win a cheap plastic watch or portable AM/FM radio). Unfortunately Coke doesn’t offer a “variety” show replete with scary animatronic rodentia or a (questionably sanitary) ball pit, and often times does not even have the prizes in claims to offer in exchange in stock. The biggest prizes Coke offers are a walk-on TV role (because you always wanted to be random dude’s ear #4 in the “How I Met Your Mother” bar) and a family RV vacation (Coke’s idea of assisted suicide?).
Coke Dangles Big Prizes for Customers With Lots of Time (and Soda) at Hand – [WSJ]


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