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Bronfman to Jobs: Shove It

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Who knew yesterday's Warner Music Group conference call was going to be so entertaining? We sure didn't. If we had even suspected it, we might have made Bess listen to it. Or maybe even asked Keith to put aside his China research for a moment and pay attention to something happening in the English speaking world.
The fun part came when Edgar Bronfman responded to recent musings of Apple's Steve Jobs about why music wants to be free.

"The notion that music does not deserve the same protections as software, television, films, video games, or other intellectual property, simply because there is an unprotected legacy product available in the physical world is completely without logic or merit."

The New York Post provides a good backgrounder 'graph on how Jobs' pissed off the music people.

Jobs' essay, "Thoughts on Music," is viewed throughout the music industry as a self-serving attempt to deflect attention away from recent rulings in Europe to loosen up restrictions on iTunes' proprietary system.

Translation: We'll start giving our stuff away, Steve, when you start giving yours away. Until then, shut the hell up and let us run our business while you run yours.
Upshot: No more backstage passes for Steve!

Bronfman Rips Jobs
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