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RE:Does Having A Job In Finance Kill Your Chances With The Ladies?
Anonymous: I dated men in my industry and never will again. Worst boyfriends ever. Even worse lovers. The problem is they spend all day in a testosterone-charged environment with no women around to temper the atmosphere, discussing women in the most brutal of terms, with accompanying pictures. As a girlfriend of a banker, prepare to have every bite of salad that goes into your mouth met with a grimace, because your BF hears his boss bitch all day about how fat his wife is. The sex is abysmal. If it's not the stress of work (which they assume you're too stupid to understand) it's the 5 glasses of scotch after work with the boys that renders your "BSD" woefully sans d. And should you at least want to spend time with your man and said boys? No F-ing WAY are you invited. You're way too stupid to keep up, you'll probably just stuff yourself on bar peanuts and appetizers, and his friends will think he's whipped - after all, he's never getting married anyway, because then his boss will think he's a loser.
Conversely, banker types...if you want to get lucky (I'm not even talking about a "relationship") stay the hell away from the metpacking bottle service - those "models" (read - russian strippers) are NOT going to go for your skinny 5'7 blue shirted ass. Just go to a normal happy hour joint, chat with the pretty girl at the bar, listen to her talk about herself for five minutes, smile, and don't listen to your asshole friends - you would be amazed at how much tail you'll score in this city when you act like a normal person.
RE: Does Having A Job In Finance Kill Your Chances With The Ladies?
Anonymous: You can all go fuck yourselves.
RE: Applocalypse
LippyTex: A mock turtle neck is also referred to as a "Dickie".
RE: The War Against Blackberries, Continued
trip: Are you people so weak, so dependent, that you can't function without your gadgets? Get a life, guys. Wow, I wonder how people managed to survive BEFORE mobile communication...?!
RE: Extorted Exec Mystery Solved!
the real nc: Natalie, I did do a littel investigation, you proably are best friends with Jessica... are you going to bake her cookies while she spends time in a Federal Pen? And for you being happily married, don't think so. Does Pepsi know that your on the internet bashing Pepsi? Are you at work? What would Mr.Foss think of you doing this? I also go to school with his daughters. When we return from break I'll fill them in on the scank that you are, did you know that IT can track your postings from work? Watch out Natalie, you too may be having the door hit you in the ass!!!