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Comments of the Week (of last week)

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RE: Connecticut Still Pondering How To Make Love To Hedge Funds While Hating Them
Bulging Bracket: No. A government regulation will actually exacerbate the problem that it proposes to solve, make the jurisdiction poorer, entrench establish interests, and increases costs. I see you're using that evil logic based analysis again, rather than just accepting the press releases of the politicians as obviously valid like good people do.
Time to move to London, where even the socialists know not to mess with the Hedgies.
RE: My Name Is John Carney, And I've Come To Reclaim DealBreaker
the guys in the house behind your office: I'm looking at your desk, and you're not there, you phony. "Back at DealBreaker" a bit of an exaggeration, huh? Also, is that a kilt?
RE: You Have Two Cows...
not TOO bright, though: "We like to be the bright ones who make every [sic] smile and laugh."
RE: SpotMarket: Brian Hunter At Sparks
Last Man Standing: I hear she likes Smirnoff Rasberry.
RE: Extorted Exec Mystery Solved!
Albert: does gary drive a silver bmw SUV? I think I saw him pick up a portugese looking hooker on spring street in danbury very recently. I was coming out of a 'friend's' house in the middle of the day and he picked her up right in front of me.