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DealBreaker Afterhours: Special Market Plunge Edition

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Usually the publication of "Write Offs" signals an end to our day here at DealBreaker. We're already down the street in the bar, struggling to make the most of whatever is left of happy hour, by the time it gets posted on the site. (Sometimes we make Bess stick around to answer unread emails and sort through last minute tips but that tends to make her uppity when she does show up at the bar. And by "uppity" we mean we have to buy her drinks.)
But today is special. We're going to do some afterhours reporting after talking to some people who watched today's stock drop from the trenches of the exchange floor and from the trading floors. So stay tuned. And please, if you have a story you'd like to share, feel free to leave a comment or send an email to
[Editor's Note: We were going to call it a "market crash" edition but what if the averages drop even lower tomorrow? If we go with something as historic and dramatic sounding as "crash" today we'll end up with apocalypse on any further downward movement. Better to keep our verbal powder dry for now.]
[Photocredit: The NYSE infographic on trading collars and circuit breaker levels we picked up from Barry "It's Not China, It's the Economy, Stupid" Ritholtz at the Big Picture.]