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DealBreaker Comments of The Week (of Last Week)

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RE: Blind Item
clancavebear: What appears to be poor judgment and timing does not necessarily mean an affair occurred.
RE:The Blogger Wishes to Say a Word…Caaaaaaaaarrrrrrnnnneeeeeyyyyy!
L'Emmerdeur: Happy Birthday, you fucking drama queen. I would've visited you in the hospital, but I heard there were lines - LINES - to see you, with a velvet rope and bouncers and everything, so I figured "Fuck that asshole, he's already too popular for his own good, let the sycophants have him, I'll drink this Bottle o' VSOP on my own".
Now stop showing off, and get back to work.
RE: Further Piecing Together This Morning's Code Red
Zbignew: Money can't buy love, but it can rent really good looking eastern european teenagers.
RE: Wii the Piiple
WordHumper: Super Mario Humpscapade? Suspicious.
RE:Extorted Exec Mystery Solved!
MG:It's quiet here. Maybe a little too quiet. Frankly, it's making me nervous. Anyone else get the feeling that the Michigan gang has loaded itself into a panel van full of numchucks and baseball bats and is driving East?! Or maybe the Westchester crowd is using all seats - including the optional third road seating - in their Lexus SUV - and heading west with lacrosse and field hockey sticks? I just hope someone has a camera rolling when Zana and Barbie "meet out back."
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