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Economy Under Center

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ESPN’s Tuesday Morning Quarterback columnist Gregg Easterbrook adapts the Michael Mandelbaum thesis espoused in the book The Meaning of Sports to make a claim that football presents a microcosm of global economic trends, and thus the sport will become even more inexorably intertwined with the global economy in the future. Easterbrook notes the number of social connections required for success in football and in a modern corporation and that the fundamental aspects of preparation and using a network to achieve a goal are transferable. That is why Emmitt Smith is the most successful real estate dealmaker on the planet and “typically arrives in his office before 9 A.M.”
Easterbrook also talks about commodity prices and U.S. currency, proving that even “WSJ news from December” is worth discussing to some. Starting with the penny, Easterbrook comments:

The absurdity of the existence of the penny got worse in 2006, when rising copper prices meant the United States Mint spent 1.4 cents for every penny it produced. Since the Mint made nine billion pennies last year, United States taxpayers lost $36 million on penny production…. Tuesday Morning Quarterback would go further and eliminate not just the penny but the nickel and dime. The quarter is the smallest unit of currency that has significance in modern commerce. In inflation-adjusted terms, today's dime has about the same value as a penny in 1920…

The picture has nothing to do with the post, but I was increasingly paranoid that I would not find an excuse to display it before day's end.
TMQ - Football's popularity will only increase – [ESPN]


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