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EU tries to remove kids from candy stores, next, will take candy from babies

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Masterfoods, manufacturer of things that melt in your mouth and more often than not, your sweaty hand, is going to stop marketing to the 12 and under demographic. Masterfoods announced this move in response to an inquiry from DG Sanco, the EU’s version of the FDA. Were green M&Ms making the under 12 set too horny fat? Despite the announcement, there is a semantic war brewing, as Masterfoods is taking the stance that for most products, it doesn’t market to the 12 and under demographic anyway. The amorous affectations and frequent cannibalization of giant anthropomorphized M&Ms is clearly adult subject matter (although in EU countries I’m sure the ads are on the verge of porn, which would be for kids in most EU countries). Kids just may continue to eat an obscene amount of Snickers, M&Ms, Twixes, Skittles, Starburst Fruit Chews and Milky Ways. In other news cosmetic companies may continue to focus on the “having skin” demographic and aerospace companies may continue to focus on the “government having an unseen and nebulous entity known as “terror” to war against by blowing the crap out of some sand and mountains” demographic despite DG Sanco pressure.
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