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Everyone Hates Sarbox

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Okay. That'san exaggeration. But one of the most annoying things we hear from a lot of the defenders—think Ben Stein or Thomas Palley—of Sarbanes-Oxley is that critics are just shills for investment banks or corporate executives. That's never been true. DealBreaker's long been critical of Sarbox and we can't even get most corporate executives to answer our calls, much less pay us off to shill for them. (Not that we would, but we're just saying...)
So it was nice to see that a majority of economists responding to the latest forecasting survey said that Sarbox has had "a negative economic impact." What's more, an overwhelming consensus of the surveyed economists agreed that our specific cocktail of regulation, litigation and enforcement is hurting US capital markets.
That clicking sound you hear is the clock ticking on this law. Time is up. Faster please.

Economists: A Pox on Sarbox
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