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Fight Club

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One of the most important rules of warfare is to “know thine enemy’s tactics.” For instance, we know that John Thain is known to keep brass knuckles handy. As such, it is best to approach him in full chain mail and a goalie’s mask. Clearly, this message is lost on Tom O’Brien, who is locked in a mortal death-match with Philip “I’m not going to let some pompous ass sitting in Boston tell me I can’t talk to somebody” Goldstein over his closed-end fund.
In a letter to shareholders, O’Brien wrote,

Which seems like an odd way to approach a battle with a man who once stormed into a shareholder meeting screaming, “You motherfuckers won’t get away with this” while swinging at enemies.
Try adding italics and/or exclamation points. A hurtful adjective or two. Perhaps a larger size or one of those fancy blood-dripping-from-the-letters fonts. YOU STUPID MOTHERFUCKER.

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