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Gary Aguirre: The SEC Is An Insider's Club

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Remember Gary Aguirre? He was the former Securities and Exchange Commission investigator whose explosive charges led to a series of hearings on Capital Hill and a lot of alarm-bell ringing publicity, particularly from Gretchen Morgenson of the New York Times. Aguirre's main charge was that he was fired from the SEC after an investigation into possible insider trading led him toward a top Wall Street executive.
Today the Guardian reminds us that not only is Aguirre still around. So are the problems he became famous exposing:

"What you have at the SEC is people rotating from jobs where you make $180,000 a year into jobs where you make over a million," Aguirre tells the Guardian in an interview, on what he sees as a mutually back-scratching relationship between the regulator and Wall Street. "It's very friendly - it's a club. I'm here, I'm inside, now I'm outside, now I'm inside again.
"When the SEC starts playing favourites and they decide not to go after Wall Street elite and focus on small fry, then they're not focusing on the players that really impact the capital markets. It's not the penny stock dealers that could trigger a credit crisis in this country."

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