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Give Us Tim Sykes Or Give Us Death

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From: Scott Gill
Sent: Mon 2/12/2007 5:12 PM
To: tips-db
Subject: DealBreaker Tip
Hi DealMaker [sic] (Bess in particular),
This is the (infamous) director/producer of WALL STREET WARRIORS. Love reading your reviews. Guess what... we're doing another season! This one is going to be much bigger and better then the last! Excited?
We've started casting. Any chance you'd announce on your site (and feel free to make fun of) that we are looking for new characters for the next season of WALL STREET WARRIORS.
We're looking for people who can:
(A) fit the "Wall Street Warrior" label (but can also be struggling newcomers)
(B) have compelling stories that unfold over 2007
(C) can give us access to both their work and personal life
It's a tall order. Anyone interested should email:
If you need more info let me know.
Scott J. Gill
Radius Productions, Inc.

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