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Harold Gives Merrill The Call

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Banks all over town are said to have been making like the infamous blond in the video above and imploring, "Harold, call me." Now we know that Merrill Lynch is the lucky suitor who finally got the call.
Since losing his re-election bid in a controversial race this past fall, Ford has been said to have been relentlessly courted by Wall Street. He was regarded as pro-business while in Congress. He's also said to be no slouch in the smarts department, sporting a law degree from Michigan and a bachelor's from Penn. He was also a regular guest on various CNBC programs.
Ford, just 36 years old, will be a vice chairman and senior policy adviser at Merrill. He's boing to keep offices in New York and Nashville, according to Bloomberg.
So, anyone want to guess what Ford's going to get paid? We've heard numbers from $1 million to as high as $10 million. Feel free to engage in speculation in the comments section below.

Merrill Hires Former U.S. Congressman Ford as Adviser