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Harry Potter and the Order of the Frenetic Tween

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Publisher Scholastic Corp announced that the last book in the Harry Potter series is scheduled for a July 21, 2007 release and has a $34.99 cover price. The cover price of $34.99 is misleading, because you can get the book for about $20…pretty much anywhere people buy books (Borders, Barnes & Noble and Amazon). The title of the book is “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,” which completes Potter’s descent into puberty and most importantly, Hermione. One scene in the new volume purportedly features a game of spin the bottle, only the bottle is a broomstick, and instead of rotating it is quidtating. If the broomstick quidtates 3 times in your direction, then it’s seven minutes of heaven, only called sevewand fluffmins of twatwaffle. Oh the labyrinthine genius of Rowling!
Scholastic experienced a $175mm Potter-related revenue spike the last fiscal year a title was released, in FY2006. The last title, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, sold 6.9 million copies in the first 24 hours of its release.
The Journal has a helpful online poll on whether you think the $34.99 list price of the Harry Potter Book is “too much,” “fair,” or “Rowling should ask for more.” This poll is especially helpful given that it doesn’t seem anyone will actually be paying this price for the book. The WSJ staff are quickly adding the “not applicable” and “dissociated from reality” poll options.
Harry Potter Magic to Return July 21 – [WSJ]