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Hedge Fund Scammers Give "Let's Do Lunch" Entirely More Sinister Meaning

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Another hedge fund scammer has been caught allegedly posting false gains while he burnt lost investors money on questionable investment, the Washington Post reports today. The latest accused hedge fund con-man and his Canadian partner Stephen Chesnowitz had a unique way of getting investors—they took them out to lunch!

Over the past two years, the two traders sent out mass mailings advertising a free "gourmet meal" and the opportunity to "earn excellent returns with a guarantee against market risk." More than 150 people, mainly from Montgomery and Prince George's counties, attended the seminars and gave Williams a total of $9 million. He transferred the money to Chesnowitz's hedge funds in Canada and the Cayman Islands.

As always, the way to a man's wallet is through his stomache.
William's "investments" included a Canadian bed-and-breakfast and two vintage cars. Presumably one for himself and the other for Chesnowitz. After posting phony gains on his website, Williams allegedly took a standard 20% hedge fund commission on the gains. Nice work if you can get it.

Hedge Fund Manager Charged in Fraud
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