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Icahn and Cohen: First Blood Brothers?

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Roddy Boyd today reveals some interesting-ish similarities between two seemingly dissimilar investors—Stevie-boy Cohen and Carl Icahn.

Rabble-rouser extraordinaire Carl Icahn has found a wingman in fellow billionaire Steve Cohen when Icahn has acquired stakes in some of his most recent high-profile targets.
In the past few months, filings detailing Icahn's headline-grabbing investments in WCI Communities and Take-Two Interactive Software have been followed by disclosures by Cohen's $6 billion SAC Capital about investments in the same companies.
The coincidence has raised eyebrows in the hedge fund community because the two billionaire hedge fund titans could not have more different investment styles.
Just how closely the two men are linked philosophically will be put to the test with Take-Two: The Post has learned that over the past few trading days, Icahn sold his entire 2.9-million share stake, making him the second big shareholder in the past month to dump shares in the videogame maker. Glenview Capital is rumored to have reduced its nearly 3 million-share stake.

Horrible imagery of Cohen and Icahn being each other’s “wingmen” aside, what does all this mean?
a.Just that Cohen and Icahn share a mutual love of, among other things, Grand Theft Auto.
b.Cohen sees Icahn as a father figure and wants to emulate daddy in every way possible.
c.Icahn—flirting with senility—has run out of investing ideas of his own and now simply waits to see what the younger, more virile Cohen’s doing and then quickly does the same, adding in a dose of “You’re a moron” and “I could do this job better than you, I could do this job better than all of you!” for good measure and to throw people off his game.
d.The two, tripping on mushrooms and freaking out after hallucinating visions of Tom Hudson awash in pirate garb and Gretchen Morgenstern in some sort of mermaid getup one afternoon, came up with a crazy scheme that would “bring Wall Street to its feet,” to be revealed at a future date.