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It's Covered In The 'Subject' Line, Plus Totally Unsubstantiated $H 411

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We’d planned to just COMPLETELY ignore what’s probably the biggest story of today—the massive market tank correction—but Tim Sykes was getting a little stale, I needed to post something substantive so I could use the space to say-- "sidebar: I plan to keep up the 'say something chick-like and then claim to be Carney jokes' as long as I see fit, and yes, I hate myself much more than you could ever hate me," and, you know, whoever said we couldn’t be useful here in the DB HQs? Luckily for us, a reader-trader friend at Citi, sensing our desire to both serve you and take a nap, summed it up in a nice little email:

From: [redacted]
Date: Feb 27, 2007 3:38 PM
Subject: the thing Carney JUST posted about
To: tips-DB
Does anyone know what it is like to hear a floor full of 300+ people puke/shriek at the same time??? ...'cause now I do...
ps - the volatility on the S&P jumped more than the day after sep 11...craziness
pps: I work on a volatility desk
ppss: i considered going more scatalogical with the above but I didn't want to offend your Puritan sensibilities.
pppss: don't shoot the messenger, but I heard it's not over by a long shot between our former cfo and maria...yeah, I keep up with gossip under the umbrella...