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Jeers Greet The End Of A Very Volatile, Very Down Day

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Some people definitely made money on the volume and volatility today--we got some gloating instant messages from them--but you wouldn't know it from the sound from the floor as the closing bell rang out at the New York Stock Exchange. This is the first time we remember hearing actual boo-ing from the exchange floor.
There's also talk of problems with getting trades resolved, and possibly some sort of electronic traffic jam on the exchanges. One old-schooly specialist already sent us a text message blaming today's downturn on electronic trading. WIth the move to hybrid trading at the NYSE, there aren't specialists making markets and taking the opposite sides of this trade. One of the purposes of this was to prevent rapid market swings and maintain something the old-timers called "market order." Of course, that was then. This is now.
And now is Dow down 415 points.