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Jim Cramer's To-Kill List: America, Blodget, Indoor Voices

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Cramer’s finally awoken from his hundred year slumber over at New York and has got some portfolio advice for whatever demographic happens to be reading about new trends in sex and FashionWeek FashionWeek FashionWeek. In a word (or two ): Invest abroad. Otherwise, W will screw you (and you and you and you). It goes without saying that if you put your money in the following places, you can forget about being invited to Henry Blodget's next 24 power hour.
The Bush-proof Portfolio [NYM]

Bank of Nova Scotia: In the past five years it has invested more than any other bank, as a percentage of assets, in the Caribbean and Central America.
China Mobile Limited: CHL, which already controls 65 percent of the Chinese wireless-phone market, is now expanding to rural areas, where two-thirds of the population lives. I can see this $47 stock reaching $60 this year without being overvalued long-term.
Diageo: This steady British 3.6 percent yielder dominates the fast-growing premium-liquor market with Tanqueray, Smirnoff, Guinness, and Johnnie Walker.
Infosys: Infosys isn’t cheap, but it’s the best of the breed and could hijack thousands upon thousands of jobs in 2007 alone. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.
Homex: Now that Mexico’s President Calderón has joined the ranks of leaders who believe in a government of, by, and for the corporation, you have to scoop up some Homex, the home builder for the emerging Mexican middle class.
Total: Here’s an oil outfit that isn’t tainted by a U.S. legacy and therefore has been able to get rights and favorable concessions from nations on the Bush Bad List. It’s got a better-than-3-percent yield, and with today’s oil prices, it’s coining money.
NTL Inc: The stocks of Comcast and Time Warner have been roaring ever since they introduced the triple play of voice, data, and cable to bargain-hunting users of both Verizon/AT&T and the cable companies.
Companhia Vale do Rio Doce: The Chinese need all sorts of minerals to keep their growth humming, and CVRD is the Whole Foods of raw materials.
Sony: The once-dominant consumer-electronics colossus has sunk into oblivion despite still having huge revenues and decent brands.
Toyota: There’s only one way to save Ford and GM: Make them smaller, more efficient, and more profitable. Toyota will be there to pick up the market share.

An analyst at Goldman (sometimes we ask people who are well-versed on the subjects we post on their thoughts and sometimes we don’t; we’re unpredictable like that—get on board!) offered, “I agree with Cramer’s advice to invest abroad and most of his picks but I can’t stand the blowhard.”