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Look Behind You, a Three-Headed Monkey!

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Where were the monkeys in this year’s Super Bowl ads? pulled its notable “working with monkeys” ads in response to PETA pressure over the mistreatment of the corporate monkeys (and instead opted for those bad Lord of the Flies-esque corporate jungle adverts). Monster didn’t even bother to enter the commercial fray this year (and its commercials were pretty good too – featuring children aspiring to bad corporate clichés like, “I want to be a yes-man.” Both commercial entires here.).
PETA did not issue a statement to the Colts for the cruel and unusual treatment of Bears. Also, where’s the PETA for the banks, where code monkeys are abused year-round (here is a more lyrical lament of the disenfranchised code monkey from Jonathan Coulton)? Monkeys do play a significant but oft overlooked role in Investment Banks, operating under the auspices of senior employee cursed monkey paw possession. This shouldn’t surprise anyone, as the wishes of the senior ranks are granted at the expense of analyst and associate misfortune.
It turns out Craigslist may win the career website wars, since it is cheaper and a more popular website than either Monster or CareerBuilder. Craigslist gets over 2 million page views a day, compared to less than 250k page views a day for Monster and CareerBuilder. Employers can also post a job for free on Craigslist, at least in most places. Craigslist did recently institute a fee to post a job in 6 cities ($75 in SF, $25 in LA, SD, NYC, Boston and Seattle), but it is free everywhere else. This pales in comparison to the $395 it takes to post on Monster and the $359 it takes to post on CareerBuilder. Besides, Craigslist is a lot less embarrassing to have open on your desktop when your staffer is trolling the floor than Monstertrak – it just looks like you’re moving apartments or looking to sate some fetishistic desire rather than looking for a new job.
Monster’s shares have risen from $35 in mid September of last year to over $50 now, trading at 23x EV/EBITDA. CareerBuilder is owned by Gannett, Tribune and The McClatchy Company, and was valued at $1.6bn in mid 2006.
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