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Maria Bartiromo Is An _____ To Business Journalism

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Is all not well in the house of CNBC? We've mentioned again and again the love that CNBC executives, and their bosses at GE, have for Maria Bartiromo. But is their love unrequited? San Antonio Express-News business columnist David Hendricks writes that Maria didn't even so much as mention the network at a recent speech in San Antonio.

Curiously, it was difficult to know from her speech Tuesday who employs Bartiromo: I don't remember her mentioning CNBC even once. She was busy instead dropping the names of the people she has interviewed, from President Bush to Bill and Melinda Gates and the heads of high-powered private equity firms.

So is Maria giving CNBC the cold-shoulder?
Actually, that excerpt is probably unfair to Maria and Hendrick's column, which makes it abundantly clear that she's "an asset to business journalism" who understands the financial world better than many "award winning" business journalists, including "how private-equity acquisitions of public companies boost the value of U.S. corporations." He just wishes she'd cut-out the "corporate promotional appearances"—which is the most polite way of describing all that time she spent with Citigroup executives we've seen in weeks.
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