Morgan Stanley Considers Goldman Sachsian Approach To Compensation (Follically-Speaking)


John Mack, like the Tom Arnold of investment banking (take a second on that one), has overcome huge odds to fight his way back to the top of his game.** Last year, the Morgan Stanley chief, who was shown the door in 2001, received a raise of 38% to take home $41.4 million, reports CNN Money. The package was comprised of a base salary of $800,000, $36.2 million in restricted stock, $4 million in other stock options, miscellaneous compensation of $15,447, $67,963 in pension benefits, $6,100 in matching 401(k) money and, perhaps most importantly, in the parlance of our times, use of the company jet valued at $321,848.
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Morgan's Mack sees hefty pay raise [CNN Money]
**Rocky seemed too easy and we thought it was about time we—Carney—went public with our feelings for Carpool.


Morgan Stanley Considering Denying (Some) Employees Access To The Building

For the last year or so, Morgan Stanley CEO James Gorman has sent a simple message to employees grumbling about compensation: STFU or GTFO. Now, according to Charles Gasparino, the bank may be telling a few employees to GTFO regardless of whether or not they've been bitching about pay.