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Not All Dems In Hedge Funds' Back Pocket*

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At least one Democratic senator doesn’t seem to be afraid of taking on hedge funds, with the rest of Congress’s new majority party safely in thrall to hedgies’ campaign generosity. Senator Jeff Bingaman (D-NM) sent letters to FERC and CFTC yesterday wondering aloud why some weird/unexplained price movements in natural gas contracts just happened to have occurred right around the time a “multi-strategy” hedge fund in Greenwich lost a sizeable chunk o’ change. Alternatively, Sens. Chris Dodd and Pat Leahy prefer a less combative approach by which we either mean whatever it takes to not create tension at the cocktail parties they all attend together or just taking things easy around the office (No pants Thursdays!—or was that just when we were interning in the Corzine office, summer '05?).
Hate mail, after the jump.
*the only reason this is our third Amaranth post of the day is because we're indulging the J-man, as it's his first day back from prison.

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