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One Brewer To Rule Them All

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So the merger of Bud and Stella—okay, of Anheuser-Busch and Belgian-Brazillian beer-maker InBev—is the talk of the town today. And we're not saying we predicted this merger five years ago but if you happen to have the April 12, 2002 issue of the Wall Street Journal hanging around your desk, you might find a certain John Carney quoted as describing Stella as the Budweiser of Belgium. (Also, you might want to clean up your desk).
At the time we were mortified to realize we had managed to insult two potential clients—the biggest brewers in the United States and the biggest in Europe. But we were wrong. They weren't insulted. They agreed. And now they want to make the marriage legal and all that.
So, the question is what to call the combined entity. We've already got one nomination from one of our favorite readers: InBusch. Enter your favorite combined brewer name in the comments section below. The best entry will receive some sort of prize. (Probably one of our usual prizes: drinks with Bess, a copy of Jack & Suzy Welch's book or perhaps an autographed copy of John Carney's painkiller prescriptions.)
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