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Remember, Maria, It's Just Food-- It's Not Love

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Is the $Honey bingeing on $33 Cobb salads to heal the pain of her third place finish in FishBowlNY's hottest CNBC reporter poll?

HEADS were swiveling yesterday at Michael's as Maria Bartiromo lunched with her boss at CNBC, Jonathan Wald, amid such other boldfacers as Ivanka Trump, John Huey, Norm Pearlstine, Jeffrey Katzenberg and Andre Leon Talley. Bartiromo maybe needed a pat on the back from Wald after a poll by journo gossip site [sic] on CNBC's hottest female reporters had the "Money Honey" third, behind leggy blond "Squawk Box" anchor Becky Quick, and brunette "Street Signs" anchor Erin Burnett.

Becky Quick, we get, she's very cute. But Erin Burnett? That ho went to Williams. And here's another question-- how the hell did Liz "This rack went to the Sorbonne" Claman fair so badly? We call recount.