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Rounding Out a Diverse Student Body

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It’s nice to see that HBS draws the line somewhere. It absolutely will NOT admit people who succumb to the temptation of finding out if they get accepted early (119 people were denied admission as a result of that fracas). It will admit people, however, who have a record of potential human rights abuses. A number of human rights activists are complaining about Harvard’s admission of Gabriel Ashkenazi, a 2004 graduate of HBS. Ashkenazi was recently appointed the chief of staff of the Israeli Defense Forces. Before his stint in the states he had a major role in the construction of the barrier separating Israeli settlements from the rest of the West Bank and also in Israel’s 22 year occupation of Southern Lebanon.
The individuals from the activist groups are alleging that Ashkenazi’s supervisory role in Israel’s South Lebanon Army gives him de facto responsibility for the maintenance of the Khiam Detention Center, which is alleged to be Israel’s very own version of Abu Ghraib. I’m not one to judge, and I’m sure Ashkenazi didn’t write his essay on beating prisoners held without trail (as much of a unique journey of self-discovery that that entails). Harvard, of course, is remaining mum. Getting the school to actually issue a statement is about as likely as getting it to disclose dubious off the books partnerships with energy companies and to admit that Jeff Skilling was a huge toolbox, even before his days of white collar crime.
Criticism Flies Over HBS Alum – [Harvard Crimson]