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Skipping The Hedge Fund Life For the Marines

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We spend so much time talking about things like bonuses and succession battle at big banks--not to mention ridiculous Ivy league ego-maniacs and controversial trips on corporate jets--that it's useful to remember that there are young people graduating from some of our best schools who have different priorities than landing that great hedge fund job. Here's a brief excerpt from a story about Dartmouth's Kate Cameron, who is planning a very different kind of life on-board some not-so-corporate jets.

Even with the envelope in her hand, Kate Cameron '07 found that she could not mail her agreement to take a generous job offer with a hedge fund after graduation. After much consideration, Cameron realized that her heart lay somewhere far above the financial sector. Instead of joining the corporate world, she will work toward gaining certification as a fighter pilot for the U.S. Marine Corps...
After working at Bridgewater Associates, the world's largest hedge fund, Cameron understands the difficulty the armed forces have in recruiting students from the nation's top schools, like Dartmouth.
"College graduates are tempted by corporate recruiting," she said. "At Dartmouth, the top companies in the world show up at our doorstep and offer us tons of money, perks, and a great life in New York City."

We've nothing but admiration for Kate. Greed is goodentertaining. But martial courage is awe-inspiring.

Cameron '07 eschews hedge fund job, heads for the skies
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