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Sleazy McSleaze So Consistently Sleazy He's Starting To Bore Us/Gary Weiss**

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    Original:'s Judd Bagley is now waging smear campaign agaisnt Bloomberg's Susan Antilla for calling him a liar, speaking truth, etc.

This one is typical of the tactics that Bagley and his boss Patrick Byrne deploy, in their frenzied campaign to keep people from writing about or criticizing their actions. I call it the IAS -- Intimidate and Smear -- strategy.
First Byrne tried to bully Antilla and Bloomberg by publishing her questions and his slippery, evasive responses on the Internet.
That failed, so they have now moved into the Smear phase of the strategy, in a post that Bagley published on the Investor Village message board this morning. It is titled "A wee bit of context on Susan Antilla."
Said Bagley:
The conventional wisdom has been that her husband, Dennis H Leibowitz , is with Credit Suisse First Boston. Wrong. In 2002 he left SCFB to start his own hedge fund. It's called Act 2.
Act 2 specializes in investing in the media space. Included in Act 2's portfolio is several million dollars worth of News Corp stock. You may also know News Corp as the company that owns the New York Post
As usual with a Bagley smear on behalf of his wack-a-doo employer, he takes a faux-factual nugget and fashions it into a paranoid fantasy and lie.
This latest Overstock smear not only illustrates the intimidate-and-lie tactics used by this failing company, but also again focuses attention on Bagley's chosen forum for his smears -- the Investor Village Overstock message board.

On a more interesting note:

True or false:
This is the greatest headline ever.

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**JK! You know GW lives and breathes this shit.
Overstock's Latest Smear [gary-weiss .com]