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Stock Market Plunge Special Edition: More Coverage, Real Reporting And Some Drinking

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Last night we stayed up late drinkingworking to bring you some extra coverage on the extraordinary plunge in the major market averages. Since many of you probably don't read past the "Opening Bell" in the morning, here's a quick guide to the afterhours posts.
Moments of Terror. A trader tells us what it felt like to be at his trading desk when the Dow dropped over two-hundred points in a matter of seconds. One word: goosebumps.
It Was A Glitch. A group of NYSE floor traders knock back a few and talk about the biggest one day sell-off in years, as well as the role of electronic trading in the sudden drop.
CNBC: Five Minutes On A Tuesday Afternoon. Just in case you were napping at 3 PM yesterday, here is CNBC's coverage of those five minutes when the stock market averages fell faster than either the anchors or the CNBC graphic department could keep up.