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The Price of Harold Ford: $3 Million

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Harold Ford was once routinely referred to as an "up-and-coming" politicians. But up-and-comers are supposed to win hotly contested races. Ford lost in a race that the nabobs will always refer to as "controversial" at best and "dirty" at worst. But there is no getting around the facts: he lost.
But losing doesn't always mean losing, especially if you are a Wall Street friendly Democrat beloved by the media. Many Wall Street firms reportedly came calling after Ford. And the Democrat finally returned the calls of Merrill Lynch, where he has signed up to be a senior policy adviser and a vice chairman.
We may never know exactly why Ford felt he was called to Merrill Lynch above all others. But it wouldn't be a stretch that they came up with a few things that everyone else couldn't match. There's the title of "vice chairman," of course. And then the fact that Merrill Lynch is letting Ford keep an office in Nashville as well as New York City. (This keeps alive the possibility that he may return to politics and can't be accused of having totally cut-and-run from his home state when political tides turned against him.)
And then, of course, there is the money. Now for a man as bright and honorable as Ford, we're sure this wasn't the only deciding factor. But that $3 million pay check cited on "Page Six" today can't have hurt Merrill's chances of winning Ford over. A man's got to eat, after all.

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