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This Is Apparently What Happens When Your Bid For The LSE Is Rejected (Several Times)

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Not sure how we missed this, what with our burning love of the NASDAQ and Socialite Rank (you guys read SR, right?), but last week blogging dandy/man-candy Derek Blasberg, Hearst scion-cum-jewelry designer Fabiola Beracasa, and slutty schoolgirl y aspiring writer Claire Bernard’s life long dreams of ringing the NASDAQ's Closing Bell were fulfilled. While the toast of New York society’s appearance at the market strikes us as a little bizarre (though that’s probably just our attempt to cover up our green-eyed monster envy over the whole deal—Carney’s exact words “Those bitches!”), what we’re actually thinking is that it marks the NASDAQ’s foray into Ladies Who Lunch as Bell Ringers campaign for ’07. Obviously, it’ll only be a short amount of time before the NAS’ contacts us for input as to who we think is most deserving of this special honor, so we’re putting it to you to tell us who should get to get her hands on the bell, so to speak, next. Our own personal algorithm of determination uses factors such as presumed financial expertise, conjectured number of people subject in question has slept with from the 3,200 companies listed on the market, sex appeal and gut reaction. But don’t feel obligated to constrict yourself to our model. This is an important decision—do what you think is best for the good of the people!

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