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This Proves Nothing!!!

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I just want to say that stuff you did in high school should not be held against you now, okay? And wasn't everyone kind of trampy when they were 14-17 years old? Like, seriously, WTF? Maybe you did all that stuff because you ran with a fast crowd, not because you thought it was a good idea, you know? And really, like what, you're telling me that none of you went behind the bleachers during the fall pep rally junior year and blew Max Goldberg? Don't even try and offer me that because I'm not buying it. And even if you didn't, don't you wish you did? Because these are the sorts of character building experiences that any smart businesswoman should have under her belt. And also, he was like the hottest guy in shul, you know? Honestly, no one would have turned him down. I mean, your best friend might've, and that might've created some tension between the two of you, since they were dating at the time, but that's no reason not to do it, is it? And so what if it caused a rift between Goldberg and Jeff Weinstein, the guy you were actually dating? So what? So what indeed? And let's try and be adults here and realize that past experiences are not necessarily predictors of future whoredom, and cannot be used against you in a court of law! (Sorry, been a little bit sensitive about this stuff since the accident).

YEARS before she transformed herself into CNBC's "Money Honey" and got caught up in the recent Citigroup jet-travel mess, Maria Bartiromo was a big-haired, boy-teasing, high-school honey who cheated on her squeeze and nearly caused a Brooklyn gang rumble.
"Maria and I grew up in Dyker Heights. She was the girlfriend of Joey Maria, who ran with the 13th Avenue Boys, a group of toughs that hung on the corner of 13th and 78th," a longtime Page Six source said.
"Joey was a handsome, wiry thing, a very cool kid. Maria [a student at the Catholic all-girl Fontbonne Hall Academy on Shore Road] was a gorgeous thingy whose eyes melted all the guys' hearts."
One day in the '80s, [a member of the rival "7th Avenue Boys told the Post]"We were just talking innocently, then started flirting, and then some full-on making out that got to about second base. I was in heaven. She was a great kisser. We thought the concrete handball walls provided cover, but it didn't - somebody saw us and told Joey . . . Rumors started spreading the 13th Avenue guys were going to come down to kick my ass."