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Those Award Winning Wall Street Journal Backdating Reporters

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You might have noticed that we've been hammering away today at the backdating reporting of the Wall Street Journal. In fact, we've been beating up on Friday's front-page story so much that we've haven't even had time to get to the breathless reporting in today's Journal.
So what's got us all hot and bothered? Well, to be frank, it's the news that the Journal's reporters are winning awards for their reporting on backdating. We're not picking on lightweights here. We think the public is entitled to a little better from prize winners.
But it's not really the news that a few fellas at the Journal won something called a George Polk Award that has us up-in-arms. It's the possibility—perhaps even the probability—that the Journal's reporters might win a Pulitzer for their reporting on backdating. There's little doubt that the Journal is gunning for a Pulitzer here. And before the awards are handed out, the laurels placed on brows and the round of congratulations start, we thought we'd try to put things in perspective and correct a few errors.
Once they give the boys a Pulitzer it'll be even harder to get the real story of backdating out.

Reporters for Journal Win George Polk Award
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