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Todd Thomson Doesn't Pay For Sex: He Gets Paid For It

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There’s an old saying that goes “You can nail the $Honey or you can nail your former employer for $25 million but you can’t do both.” Or at least there should be, we think; pretty much makes sense, right? Anyway, going with the assumption that there is such a saying, former “Citi” CFO Todd Thomson is rumored to be saying “Fuck it, you all can adhere to that old truism all you want but I’m going to have my cake and eat it too, in the biblical sense.” According to mostly credible DB sources, Thomson may indeed be given the sizeable sum to stay mum about inner-Citi (< --you liked that) turmoil, including dirt on CEO Charles Prince. This is a quasi-interesting turn of events in MariaGate, as it comes on the heels of a BusinessWeek article that essentially claimed that Thomson was a scapegoat whose errors were totally blown out of proportion to “obscure the disarray and dismal returns of Chuck Prince’s reign” (and if we're going actually crunch the numbers on this one, a flight on a private jet from Asia is basically just a glorified dinner at Denny’s, so, mathematically speaking, there might be some truth to BW'S story). If Thomson is given his asking price, will the blood money be an admission of guilt on Citi/Prince’s part? $25 million seems like a lot to just say “Thanks for playing.”