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Todd Thomson Might Beg To Differ

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So, News Corp. is going to have its own business channel, yada, yada, yada. Aside from being immune to self-inflicted irony—yesterday at a press conference announcing the venture, Rupert Murdoch shamed future rival CNBC for being quick to “leap on every scandal,” the septuagenarian also confirmed that Fox would be producing a Borat sequel, when, in fact, no such deal exists. So nice to know your business news will soon be brought to you with a touch of senility and an Australian twang. Also of note? Murdoch’s statement that the Fox Business Channel will be “more business friendly than CNBC,” and the harsh words of Roger Ailes (chairman and chief executive of Fox News) that “Many times I’ve seen things on CNBC where they are not as friendly to corporations and profits as they should be.”
CNBC isn’t friendly to corporations? Interesting. Out of curiosity (so we know when we roll out DealBreaker TV this June), what does one actually have to do to be considered a friend of firms? Threesomes? Role-play? Ritual sacrifices? Or by, “not friendly,” is Murds actually hinting at some hardcore S&M that’s left Todd Thomson with some notable battle wounds, of late? Let us know!
BTW, despite the fact that Alexis Glick has already been recruited as director of business news for FBC—and as an on-air personality, one assumes—RM noted that he needs to “recruit some Money Honeys,” for both the pursoses of reporting and for possible fourth wives.
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