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Viacom On An Online Dealmaking Spree?

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Viacom has jumped into bed with Joost, the Wall Street Journal reported today. Joost is a new internet video service from the creators of Skype and Kaaza. It aims to bring high-resolution, commercial video to users, rather than serve as a video sharing network that would compete with YouTube. The details of the deal haven't been disclosed but likely include some sort of agreement to share revenue from online advertising pegged to Viacom-owned content.
We're not sure whether this makes the possible LastFM acquisition we mentioned earlier more or less likely. But our instincts point to "more likely." Even the Journal's headline—Viacom Charts New Course Oneline—suggests that this isn't a "one-off" deal for Viacom but is part of a larger corporate strategy to expand its online presence. A deal to pickup LastFM would certainly fit that strategy.
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