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While You Were Banking…

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So last week was pretty miserable, right? Short, cold days. Over worked and under appreciated. A weekend full of Excel centered fun for a presentation that the vice president claim credit for while still telling you that you are the worst analyst the firm has ever hired. Worst. Week. Ever.
Not quite. You know who had a worse week? Jimmy Regan, that's who. The twenty-six year old Duke graduate, son of a senior vice president at Keefe, Bruyette & Woods, with a job offer from UBS and a slot in law school, was killed last week. In Iraq.
From Newsday:

Instead of taking a scholarship to law school or a financial services job, Regan followed a calling to the military, where he became an Army Ranger and served two tours of duty in Afghanistan and two in Iraq, family members said.
Regan, 26, was killed in Iraq last week, though no other details of his death have been released, said Jayne Evans, a family spokeswoman. With mourners filling the Regan home in Manhasset yesterday, friends and family fought back tears in describing the young man -- known to family and friends as "Jimmy" or "Reges" -- each of them called their best friend.

Reges, we hardly knew ye. In fact, we didn't know you at all. But thanks for the reminder that there are some jobs tougher than banking or lawyering. And that there are folks willing to do those jobs. We're pouring a bit of our Jameson's on the curb this morning before we pour it into our coffee. Here's to your family and friends. And, most of all, here's to you lad.

Fallen LI soldier a 'friend to everyone'