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Who Will Run Univision?

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The bidding war for the Spanish-language television network Univision was one of the greatest private equity stories of last year. Now the winners of that auction--including, Thomas H. Lee Partners, Texas Pacific Group, Madison Dearborn Partners, Providence Equity Partners and media mogul Haim Saba--are on the hunt for a CEO. Choosing the right man to run a company is one of the things that private equity firms pride themselves on doing very well. According to the New York Post, the owners of Univision are very close to naming their man.
The announcement is expect in a week or two, and despite rumors it seems unlikely that Univision will be run by former Mexican president Vincente Fox. So who is going to run Univision?
From the Post

Univision is viewed as having strong talent internally, including current CFO Andy Hobson and President Ray Rodriguez.
But Univision's new owners are believed to be looking for a high-status bilingual exec with close ties to Mexico.

Leave your best guess in the comments section below. No points for answering "George W. Bush." He has other commitments until at least 2008.
Univision Narrowing Search For CEO