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Will The Super Bowl Mean A Win For The Bulls Or The Bears? Either Way, Lindsay Campbell Gives An Extremely Impressive Rendition Of A Burp At The End Of This Video

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Although John IMed me this morning upset over the fact that the Times had neglected to include his role in "putting WallStrip on the map" (via his much loved though sadly on hiatus Friday afternoon spots from the early days of the show), we were still thrilled to see Lindsay and Co.'s debut in the Gray Lady today. While actually having to 'read' about WallStrip kind of goes against the mission of the show itself (you know as well as we do that we all enjoy WallStrip so much because of its lack of words, labor-intensive reading, etc), we pretty much agreed with the writer's summation of WS as the hottest thing on the Street, after Jim Cramer, of course. Though, one might wonder if calling Howard Lindzon's baby a cross between "Squawk Box" and "SNL" was some sort of subtle diss, considering the last decade or so of the latter. Questions best left unanswered. Enjoy the show!