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Write-Offs: 02.16.07

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$$$Jiminy Glick was apparently too "raunchy" for the Schwarzman crowd. [DealBook]
$$$WWD's Jacob Bernstein found the aformentioned event "soulless" (which was probably more a comment on the expressionless faces of the recently Botoxed CEO wives, and not a dis to Big S!) [Michael Gross]
$$$Here's your resume and don't bother responding without a picture:
over 6'
work at a major bank (not in tech)
blue or green eyes
ivy league or school on par
you have a sense of style
you could belong to MENSA but you don't choose to [Craigslist]
$$$I-Bankers Among Those Blamed for Lame NYC Clubbing Scene. [Banker's Ball]
$$$Lindsay drops and gives us 20. [WallStrip]