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A Letter to Shareholders

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While Stevie Cohen/Wynn may be content to simply own paintings suitable for sticking one’s elbow in, Rajiv Chaudhri, founder of Digital Century Capital, a technology hedge fund, demands more of his art. For him to shell out upwards of $1.6 million, it must "ooze power" from all of its orifices. Only then will he place it among “curvy stone goddesses butt[ing] up against thickly impastoed canvases,” or photograph it for posterity and to add to his “office-computer screen saver [that] flashes with images of his collection—interspersed with pictures of Payal, his photogenic wife.”
Do you want this man managing your money?
Hedge-Fund Founder Rajiv Chaudhri Loves Art That `Oozes Power' [Bloomberg]