Arthur O. Sulzberger Jr: Doesn't Like Speaking To Shareholder, Other Common Types

The Wall Street Journal this morning tells the story of how a Chicago-born money manager based in London became the public nemesis of the chairman of the New York Times. It all started with something as simple as a phone call. Morgan Stanley's Hassan Elmasry called Arthur O. Sulzberger, Jr. and Arthur O., well, he doesn't answer phone calls from just anybody. And holders of five percent of the company's stocks were, apparently, exactly that: just anybody. As one of our friends likes to put it, "Sucking on a silver spoon is so much less taxing than talking to vulgar people."
And thus began the painful process whereby a man named Sulzberger learned that these days just because you may not have heard of someone--and indeed, that person may never have been invited to the same dinner as you even as a courtesy--doesn't mean that person is a nobody. And it certainly doesn't mean that person cannot publicly humiliate you.

How a Money Manager Battled New York Times
[Wall Street Journal]
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Accused Madam Didn't Sit Through Countless Meetings Discussing Capital Markets Strategy To Be Treated Like Some Common Pimp

Remember Anna Gristina/Scotland? To recap, she's the entrepreneur we were introduced to yesterday whose business hit a bit of a stumbling block when she was arrested by the Manhattan DA and charged with "promoting prostitution" out of her firm's global headquarters, a whorehouse on East 78th Street. Gristina/Scotland is currently on Riker's Island, having been unable to post bail, set at $2 million but prior to all this going down, she she was just a (self-described) CEO with big plans and an outlook not so different from her colleagues in the business world. Before being nailed as part of a 5-year investigation, a typical day for Anna included: - Cursing her commute: "She hated coming to the city," a friend told the Post. - Reminding people she was running a Fortune 500 company here: She bragged to her old friends back in Scotland that she was “building an empire." “I’m a CEO,” she wrote to one pal from her early days in the ancient village of Kirkliston. “Takes a lot of work,” she told another. - Meeting with colleagues to discuss expansion plans, financing options, and potential IPO timeline: On the morning she was arrested, Gristina/Scotland was "with a friend and Morgan Stanley banker, having been to his office for a meeting to try to raise money to finance what prosecutors believe may be an online prostitution business." (Anna's lawyers argue she "was setting up a legal dating business, hoping to rival online titan Match.com.") - Bitching about Obama and how the guy's adolescent perspective of carried interest was going to screw her over: “Hoping to survive Obama,” she said in 2008. “Obama wants people like me to support the rest of America by taxing me more than I am already.” Dig a little deeper and you'll presumably also find Gristina/Scotland also conducted quarterly earnings calls with investors, used all kinds of financial metrics to measure performance of her hooker employees, plotted acquisitions, and tried to cut costs while expanding her global footprint. Basically, she was building a multi-billion dollar company here and if anyone thinks she's not going to fight these charges and come back stronger they think wrong. UES madam had millionaire clients, led life of suburban mom [NYP] Anna Gristina: Suburban mom or high-rolling madam? [AP] Suspected Manhattan madam Anna Gristina bragged to old friends in Scotland that she was 'building an empire' [NYDN] Earlier: Manhattan DA Pumps The Brakes On Mom/Madam’s Brothel Just As It Was About To Really Take Off With The Help Of Her Contacts In The Business World