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As It Turns Out, Jeffrey Epstein's Case Is Unusual

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Remember Jeffrey Epstein?
Just in case last summer's nastiness has escaped your mind here's a quick refresher. Epstein is a mysterious Palm Beach money manager. Last year he was accused of soliciting prostitution. The charges could have been much worse. His dream team of high powered lawyers hit the sunshine state and headed-off far more serious charges related to the accusations that he had paid women and girls as young as 14 to give him erotic massages at his home. (Never mind the hints of rape and sex slaves contained in the police reports.) So, yeah, we're talking about that guy.
Why are we talking about him? Well, it's been eight months since he was indicted, and so far nothing has happened. Nothing. Not a thing. Even less than that.
The Palm Beach Post has the No Gnus Is Bad Gnus update:

Nearly eight months after Palm Beach tycoon Jeffrey Epstein was charged with felony solicitation of prostitution, there has been no discernible progress in his case. No witnesses deposed. No trial date set. Nothing, save for routine court hearings reset without explanation.
"Usually that would be unusual," said criminal defense attorney Glenn Mitchell, who has no involvement in the case.

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Delays in Epstein case unusual, lawyers say
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