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Bostonian Bloodletting?

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As previously mentioned, newly appointed NYSE president and co-COO Duncan Niederauer “don’t want no Vinnys handling my money.” But the guy never said anything about having a problem with “five guys named Seamus” executing his trades (which, we have to say, doesn’t happen enough). In fact, we’ve heard he thinks the luck o’ the Irish is just what his portfolio needs. So he can't be happy with this bit of news that dropped in our box this morning:

“I was on the NYSE floor yesterday and there was news spreading that Credit Suisse (still often referred to as First Boston on the floor) has laid off floor employees and has whittled its floor presence down to three brokers and three clerks. A firm like CS would have maybe four times that much floor presence two years ago.”

Also, unsubstantiated, barely tangentially related, mean spirited, but salacious enough to pass on: the $H’s new kept boy may come from within CSFB.