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Breaking: WallStrip Chick Denies Being In Small, Dark Basement Room With Jack Bauer

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Lindsay Campbell was not on '24' last night, according to a well-placed source who happens to be Lindsay Campbell. She still has not explained what she was doing last night while the episode aired. (It's live or something righ? isn't that why it happens in boringreal-time?) So we're not sure whether she really has plausible deniability on this.
We suggest you watch it yourself and decide. Who are you going to believe? Lindsay Campbell or your lying eyes.
We saw her. We swear we did. And it wasn't just us. We were tipped off to the appearance of Lindsay by a bona fide television professional.
At the very least, the girls have the same hair stylist.
That sound you hear is our internet celebrity spotting credibility getting sucked down the drain.